Tokyo Osteopathy Chiropractic

Tokyo Osteopathy Chiropractic


Osteopathy is a manual preventive and curative therapeutic approach. It seeks to determine and treat restriction of mobility that can affect all the structures composing the human body.

David Brisson D.O. Osteopath

certified osteopath in Tokyo since 2010

Ferrari race drivers osteopath

We perform western osteopathic care in Tokyo. English, French and Japanese speaking. 

After talking with patient, and checking your body, we make a functional diagnosis, we design a protocole of treatment, and we apply individual treatment.

In our daily practice, we use all kind of techniques Osteopathy and Chiropractic provide: stretching, “cracking”, mobilization, fascia, visceral, cranio-sacral, biodynamic (energetic). It is a need to master all of them to be able to adjust to patient and his condition.

I received my D.O. at IdHEO “The Institute of High Studies of Osteopathy., a university of the highest standing in France, where this degree course takes 5 years, including 3 years of clinical training. My degree is recognized by France Ministry of Health, the European Parliament and follows the World Health Organization requirements.

 What ?
Alternative natural medicine which focuses on fixing functional disorders to:
– Remove from chronic symptoms or acute pain
– Increase health and well being
First, we take time to undertand you and your desired outcome. Then we apply individual care considering the body as a whole 4 aspects.
– Physical: To give back motion by manipulation od joints, muscles, visceral and cranial fascia …
– Metabolic: To readjust acid-base balance
– Emotional: To clean past experiences which still affect the present
– Energetic: to rebalance the energetic body which could have been affected from physical or emotional trauma
At TokyoParaMedi or at your location
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