" Time Out " with a cup of Matcha

” Time Out ” with a cup of Matcha

I have been drinking matcha for two decades. I attended tea ceremonies in Japan, and watched my former landlady in Tokyo, Suwabe San, who is master of her art, teaching her students the art of making and serving tea, and let her teach me.
The preparation of matcha became one of my daily rituals, that help me to calm down my mind, whilst preparing the tea, and relax body and mind when drinking.

A cup of matcha helps me to focus when working, or brings clarity when meditating, and nourishes my soul when I need time out. At the end of every day I have another cup of matcha, about three hours prior sleep, which helps me to unwind and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of Matcha :

powerful source of antioxidants

stimulates metabolism

full of anti- aging nutrients

boots immune system

skin enhancer


promotes calmness and helps to focus


Practicing meditation, Tokyo 2015


Visit at Suwabe san’s house where she conducts tea ceremonies, Tokyo 2012

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