"The Raw Vegan Diet Bully" My Shocking First Experience

“The Raw Vegan Diet Bully” My Shocking First Experience

 Thinking of nothing bad, just enjoying making my delicious Raw Vegan food and sharing my little videos this woman verbally started harassing me over the weekend. Instead of taking a serious private approach  and contacting me she posted following link on my RAW VEGAN ZEN LADY wall:

Beware of the Raw Vegan Diet cult traps!
(Read details: http://www.earthlyfireflies.org/raw-vegan-diet-derails-fro…/)
The problem with this growing trend of raw vegan diet lifestyle is 2-fold:
1. It makes people focus solely on their carnal lives, and derails them away from the true purpose of life, which is in living for the Spirit, not for the body;
2. By pursuing the goal of perfecting their health and longevity, people don’t even achieve that physical benefit.

I responded with a little video


She still wouldn’t leave it alone.


“I’m afraid you’re rushing to claim that you’re “not following any cult,” without realizing that you are.
The word “cult”, according to Oxford American Dictionary, is “a way of life, an attitude, an idea, etc. that has become very popular”, or “created around a leader”, also “an extreme religious beliefs“. And we find it to be the case with followers of Raw Vegan Diet, with all the symptoms – in a sense that these people religiously follow the standards of life dictated by some leaders, even when this lifestyle becomes harmful to them.
You have partly addressed that concern when you suggested that people must listen to their bodily needs, not just sticking to some strange “rules”.
The 2nd point of our video, which the most important, you have completely missed. Which is – the necessity for us to live in accordance to the Purpose of Human Life. And the purpose of our lives can’t be in eating and following our bodies, hope you agree.
You’re sarcastically saying that you, “European people”, are not following any “spirit”. First of all, it’s too big a claim for all people. Secondly, do you mind to re-watch the 2nd part of our video to see again that we don’t call for some supernatural experiences, either? What we call people is to understand that we’re not just our bodies, but also have Spirit (=soul, =consciousness, =logical mind) within us – which we hear as calls of morality, – those calls that people call ‘anxiety’, ‘worries’, even ‘depression’, which sometime even call people to commit suicides, when they’re sensitive enough but can’t understand the meaning of life!
Why do people ignore those calls? Why they keep focusing their entire life on ‘following their bodies’ – that’s the major question! By doing that, people miss the entire mark! The live in fear of some disease and death, jumping from one diet to another, but again – fighting for their bodily health – instead of taking time while it’s not too late – to grow their own souls! Do you follow what I mean?
And even returning to your ‘not being in any cult’… You controvert yourself by telling that during your pregnancy you had to follow recommendation to eat some meat. You’ve finished your story with “I’ve got it off my chest”. Do you see what you’ve just done? You felt guilty for not following some taboo, established by someone, influencing you to stick to the ‘established’ raw vegan diet. What is your reaction, if not following the cult, being afraid of it? Why otherwise you’d even worry for eating what seemed completely logical for you that time? I’m telling you that so you could start being more conscious of what’s been put into your head by someone else. This is important – to have complete clarity of mind, and to trust YourSelf, not anybody else.
Especially that ‘studies’ are fabricated (falsely created to prove a point that fits somebody’s agenda) all the time. The famous book “The China Study” by Dr. Campbell, with it’s study “proving” the superiority of vegan/vegetarian food, in particular, has been proven to be a fabrication – what it claims is not fair! Yet, masses of people are indoctrinated into believing Dr. Campbell as a “superior” and unquestionable source of truth. Which is wrong. You can read the “Beyond Broccoli” by Susan Schenk for shocking facts of the fabrication of “The China Study”.
There is so many lies in this world, so each person needs to be very careful. That’s all we wanted to tell with our video. The rest if up to you – to think, research, what/who to follow.
And decide for yourself whether to stick to a mere carnal life, or to change the focus of your life to its true purpose – the life of your spirit – which dictates that in every decision you should first of all consider the growth of our Soul (=morality) and not mere bodily needs. “
My answer:
I became a vegan in 1986. Not forced by anyone, the rest of my family are all enjoying meat and common diets. 
I am not promoting a Raw Vegan Diet or lifestyle as the ultimate way. What I am simply doing on my page and channel is sharing beautiful recipes which are loved by friends and family whom are Not even Vegan. 
The “ I got it off my chest comment “ referred to you – who are you anyway? There’s nothing about you on your Facebook page, so you’re just a bully, that can’t stand others people happiness .
Generally, I disregard silly comments, but you seem to simply pick on strangers and instead of contacting me in a private message, you post on my page publicly. Therefore I created this video. 
I have been teaching Yoga and Cooking for over twenty years now and believe me there’s nothing worse than following cults. So don’t you tell me what you think I am doing .
If I was in my early twenties I would probably let you get away with your patronizing attitude but I am going toward fifty and kindly ask you now to remove your activities off my wall otherwise I am going to report you and have your Facebook wall taken down.
Also one more thought. How much did you grow spiritually ? How many minutes does your daily meditation last for ? 
People like you may be the reason that others get depressed or have suicidal thoughts. If I wasn’t an experienced person you could have done massive damage to my spirit . 
Perhaps you keep this in mind for the next time you’re going to stalk in strangers Facebook pages and try breaking them.
And she keeps firing back:
Meditations are overrated, my dear. Spiritual growth has nothing to do with empty-headed sitting on the lotus posture. On the contrary, spiritual growth is about your works of kindness, it’s about shedding all extraneous and superfluous
Your presumptive “people like you“ tells me that you are not very kind to people, afraid, and have no idea where your life is going.
“you could have done massive damage to my spirit” – firstly, no one can affect your spirit, only your evil thoughts and deeds and secondly – my intentions are not to ‘damage’ but to show the right way, the only one that can save your life.
To live spiritually doesn’t mean to always look for a ‘happy hour’ but to understand the purpose of life.
 “People kill themselves for 2 reasons: 1) life doesn’t give a person happiness he seeks 2) he thinks his life doesn’t make any sense. Both come from misperception about the purpose of life.” – said Lev Tolstoy in his “On Insanity” book.
“who are you anyway?” I’m a human with a spirit. Is that not enough to have an opinion and experience to share it with others, – you think? If our experience, as well as experiences of all friends on many years on Raw Vegan diet wasn’t as good as it’s advertised – is that not enough a reason to let other people see – as an alternative to the propaganda?
“There’s nothing about you on your Facebook page” – that is not true; it’s not about my body if that’s what you mean as I don’t see meaning of taking more pictures of me that I have. But my Facebook page is full of videos and posts, and inspiring and soul curing page of Lev Tolstoy, as well as the link to my blog – all of that material should be enough to judge about me – and see that I try to help people understand where to find the true Blessing and Meaning in their lives, – not in food certainly.
“so you’re just a bully,” – did I hurt you in any way or gave you a reason to call me that? I’m trying to help you, sincerely. And I’m sure time will pass, and you’ll remember me, and if you’ll still have time to use the advice I gave you, it’ll change your life for the best. I really wish you so – to wake up to your true life, my dear friend.
“am going to fifty” – and so I am. And this is why destiny connected you and me. At this age, we must hurry up to understand and start fulfilling the purpose of our true life. We can’t be girls any further, “patronizingly” defensive as you say, aggravated, running around like mere animals – just to eat, sleep, hunt after vain enjoyments, – we can’t ignore the calls of consciousness any longer.
And if you, instead of taking the most sincere and healthful advise I gave you from my heart – if you instead threaten me and take aggressive actions – that will hurt only you, as you can’t hurt me because the only thing that is important to me is my soul and nobody is able to do anything to it. So it’s your chance – for you, only for yourself – to take another breath and just think of the path you are on, and about how to live fairly and lovingly to others. Only that can save you! And that includes your reaction to this video, of course – if YOUR choice to let others see it or to hide the truth, which will be EVIL-doing on your part.
Just for your knowledge. I can proudly say,  that my life was and is filled with experience of making people happy, share what little I have and spread kindness and love without financial rewards . Taking care of the ones in need and making others happy is my purpose in life .

It seems to me, that this is what you’re in search of. But for some reason you stuck to your Facebook page digging up other peoples lives. And overall you are putting words into my mouth. I am not your dear and I stop this pathetic conversation right here because you are a bully otherwise you would have approached me in a different way.

Please get a life! You are dangerous and I will report you over harassment to Facebook authorities.

I stopped responding to her because I believe, everyone that met me knows of my true nature and pure intentions. I again repeat : I am not promoting a RAW VEGAN DIET & LIFESTYLE AS THE ULTIMATE WAY OF LIFE. I LOVE THE ART OF THE RAW VEGAN KITCHEN AND LIKE TO SHARE MY RECIPES.

Two recipes later…..its DAY 3 and she’s still on my case.
“What a greater proof of kindness to any person (not just within the circle of your personal affiliations) is than demonstrating it on practice? What makes it so hard for you to just communicate and try to understand the other person’s opinion? Why, instead, you keep throwing angry threats “I am going to report you and have your Facebook wall taken down.” What are you trying to prove by your evildoing? Or are you showing off of sleeping with Mark Zuckerberg? How else you can take my Facebook wall down?
You have just shut your ears on the simplest truth – that only love and kindness, to anyone, including your enemy (although I don’t see how I could make an enemy of yours) – can nurture your spirit. But you keep damaging your own spirit with your aggression. Instead of just letting my video stay visible to people who may appreciate non-propaganda opinion and experience, you do this horrible damage to your soul!
Please understand that any “making people happy” requires of you to understand the Universal Truth yourself, first of all. And you have no idea of what it is, and don’t want to hear it. How then you can help people? It’s not the minute-worth “happiness” that human life is about, – not in dry bandages that you put on a bloody wound – but on the contrary, it’s in the real cure for the soul – in the hard work on morality, love, and kindness, and in cleansing out anything within your thoughts that drives you off track, which includes unfounded angry thoughts about taking with me.
And I repeat, my dear sister, I wish you the true best.”
At  first I felt sad when a total stranger posted her ANTI RAW VEGAN Video on my wall.  On the second day I felt anger. Today on the third day, I smile and honestly feel sorry for her. I am sending my blessings her way.

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