Raw Vegan Mixed Berries Ice Cream

Raw Vegan Mixed Berries Ice Cream


2 cups homemade soy milk

( you may use coconut or almond milk but find it isn’t sweet enough, in this case add one or two pitted  dates )

1 cup of frozen mixed berries

1 big ripe banana



Simply place ingredients in a blender, and blend till smooth.

Then fill up your ice cream molds and freeze for about 8 hours.


I originally made my ” 11 AM after workout smoothie”,  but was too late for an appointment. Instead of drinking the smoothie in a hurry, I decided to freeze it and made my boys happy later that afternoon. It’s getting very hot in Tokyo and my kids starting to ask every day for eye cream. This is a perfect alternative to common ice cream, which are full of sugars and artificial flavours. 

This recipe can be simply a smoothie. If you like it colder just add more frozen berries. I am Ayurvedic body type VATA and don’t deal well with super cold food, therefore my smoothies are rather less frozen but still cool.


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