Kundalini Yoga in Tokyo July Schedule

Dates: Thursday July 8th & 15th.

Time : 9.30 am to 12 noon.

Location: Azabu Civic Center Roppongi
(Azabu regional office)
2nd floor Room 2 (See map below)


Dates: Thursday, July 22nd (Public holiday) & Thursday, July 29th.

Please send me a personal message for participation.

Thank you!

There are No classes throughout the month of August.



  1. These classes and videos are life changing! Highest recommendation! I lost a few kilos without dieting and feel better everyday

  2. Hila’s lessons work great both physically and mentally. My stressed-out body is relieved and my mind is refreshed after the lesson. I love how she talks during lessons. It is like self therapy for me.

  3. Hila Susanne Bewilogua

    Thank you so much. Asuka I hope you settled in to your new home as much as I did into a new continent and we can continue this journey online together in the future .


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