Rated Under the Top 10 Raw Vegan Recipes Books 2021

Hard honest work is finally recognized. Thank you to FoodForNet.

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Chanting Sat Nam every day for a minimum of three minutes has helped me through the past (dark) month to keep believing in myself.

Sat Nam essentially translates as “I am truth,” or “Truth is my essence.” Only if you truly connect with yourself you can feel and understand the deeper meaning.

Finally Raw Vegan Recipes books that have organic likes and real reviews are being recognized. I am over the moon and feeling so thankful. In the end honesty will be rewarded.

As a sensitive person I felt very disappointed and mostly discouraged at the beginning of this year. Raw Vegan Recipes, gluten-free, plant based books became a trend and a marketing strategy.

It seemed books popping up on Amazon out of nowhere overnight with thousands of likes and reviews. So many that it was actually obvious they were purchased by the author’s to push fast sales.

I felt betrayed and angry, especially when one of my oldest friends decided to purchase one of those fake high rated books instead of supporting me.

However, over the past years especially during the time of creating and making my book I could clearly see who my real friends were and there are no words to describe how grateful I am for those who didn’t turn away from me. Often people like you when you are in a poor, needy position better than when you focus on goals and succeed to accomplish something.

Often they take everything from you for free including recipes and wisdom, ready made dishes and hospitality but when you ask for their support they will turn you away and tell you they don’t have money right now.

I am standing above it all. Being ranked under the top 10 Raw Vegan Recipes books 2021 speaks for itself.

Keep up your daily routine (sadhana), believe in yourself and focus on your goals. Your true friends will support everything you do.

You can see the list and read their review of my book here.

It’s my time to shine!

Sat Nam.


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