Recycling Glass

Recycling Glass

I love recycling. I grew up in the former GDR, the communist East Germany. I remember the days of going to the  “ALTSTOFFSAMMLUNG” to earn my first cash.

Almost everything would be recycled news papers, glass bottles, glass containers, spray bottles, plastic containers and clothes.

We even put all food leftovers  into a special trashcan which we named  “Schweinetonne”  now called ” BIOabfaelle “outside of our houses.

When I first moved  to Japan in 1998, I honestly couldn’t believe that there was hardly any education on recycling. What I did like was the fact that Japanese people used to put almost perfectly working items just in front of their doors when not longer wanted or needed, so anybody could simply take and reuse them. Today we actually have to pay money to get rid of big size garbage.

To this day, I believe, there is way too much plastic in Japan.  Therefore I am trying to slowly convert my entire kitchen from plastic to glass only. I spend more money to buy products in glass containers and reuse them.

The bottles in the picture where originally Olive Oil bottles, which I purchased in a supermarket here in Tokyo. I simply washed and sterilized them and make my own chili  oils.


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