Raw Vegan Grocery List

Raw Vegan Grocery List

Grocery list of fresh & frozen fruits, herbs and vegetables for our family of 4

Weekly Basics

21 lemons

14 avocados

21 bananas

21 apple

12 small cucumbers

21 carrots

8 tomatoes

4 bell pepper

6 stalks celery

16 shiitake mushrooms

2 bunch parsley

6 bunch of corriander

6 bunch ashitaba

4 big leaves kale

2 bunch spinach

1 onion

1 head garlic

2 big handful basil

2 heads broccoli

1 head iceberg salad

1 head romaine lettuce

4 limes

7 oranges

4 grapefruits

1 cup watercress

1 cup broccoli sprouts

1 bunch mizuna salad

8 shiso leaves

1 big ginger root

2 small bunch dill


Seasonal and on Sale

These items are expensive in Japan, but I always prefer fresh fruits to other snacks.
We are usually rotate between our boys favourits. This week we have grapes and cherries.

6 cups grapes

6 cups strawberries

6 cups cherries

6 cups pineapple

1 big watermelon

1 cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

6 mangos

6 persimmons

6 kiwis

1/2 honeydew

1/2 cantaloupe

1 bunch mint leaves

Frozen fruits for smoothies

2 packs mangos

1 pack mixed berries

1 pack strawberries

1 pack raspberries

Frozen vegetables, for my husbands warm soup lunchbox at work.

1 pack broccoli

1 pack green pees

1 pack mixed vegetables

1 pack corn

1 pack cauliflower


Other vegetables,which we love for special meals

zucchinis, for raw lasagna or pasta

daikon, for raw sushi rice

red cabbage, to juice or salads

okra, for salads or baked

white cabbage, for salads

asparagus, for salads or pestos

black olives, for satisfy cravings

beetroots, for juices and burgers

fresh wasabi leaves, for salads and raw sushi

Ayurveda type VATA balancing vegetables, which I steam, grill or gently cook.




sweet potatoes

goya or bitter melon



bamboo shoots


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