Coffee Body Scrub and Facial Mask

Coffee Body Scrub and Mask

Coffee Body Scrub and Mask:

Using natural ingredients like leftovers of coffee can help your skin to look and feel younger, healthier and more radiant. I usually collect my daily coffee leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. 

Once a week it will get messy in my bathroom. Using coffee leftovers, I then do a deep massage and gently apply the scrub as well on to my face. I cook my coffee with cardamom which contains vitamin C , therefore is a powerful antioxidant, and also improves the blood circulation.

Why are coffee body scrubs and masks are so beneficial ?

•exfoliating helps to increase blood circulation and promotes growth of new skin cells

•has anti-inflammatory properties

•detoxification, antioxidants help to eliminate impurities from your skin

•squeezing and massaging with your fingers, especially the upper leg and butt areas with a coffee scrub helps to release toxins and fats. Therefore it can help to prevent or get rid of cellulite if cultivated on regular basis.
You can add other ingredients like sugar, EPSON salt, sodium bicarbonate or oils such as coconut, olive or sesame. I simply like to recycle my leftovers and prefer the fast approaching method- Just coffee and it served me well over the past two decades.This is a beautiful way to sit in silence and meditate for 15 minutes.


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