Belly Fat reducing Juice

Belly Fat reducing Juice


1 bunch coriander or parsley

1 juice of one lemon

1 piece  ginger root

1 tablespoon aloe vera

1 small cucumber

1/2 cup cold water


Dunk and swish Coriander well in cold water.

Shake off the excess water.

Pat dry with towels.

Leaves and stems can be juiced.

Wash Aloe Vera leaf.

Using a sharp knife slit one of the edges and open up the outer layer.

Using a spoon, scoop off the gel.

Wash the cucumber.

Wash the ginger piece well. I am juicing the ginger with the skin /peel.

Squeeze one lemon separately using a lemon juicer. You don’t want to have the seeds giving your juice a bitter taste.

(  Read as well my post about lemon leftovers;

” How to recycle lemon peels” in my life style section.)

Using a slow juicer / cold press, use all the ingredients.

Add lemon and water and enjoy immediately.

  • One drink with so much power is totally worth doing the work of cleaning your juicer again before going to bed. This is the reason I’ve been told the most when I asked people why they won’t buy a juicer. ” Cleaning the juicer is too much work . ” YES , I know, cleaning the juicer parts is not one of my favourite task either. But the way I look and feel when juicing at least twice a day vegetables makes it absolutely worthwhile. Not that I need to fight stubborn belly fat which is the actual agenda of this juice. I just love this new routine of ending my day in such healthy way.🌿 Drink about 30 min before going to sleep and it will do wonders if cultivating this habit on daily basis.

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