Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots

What’s super trendy all over the world in the past years is what I know as a stable breakfast since the 1970’s .
The so called “over night oats”are originally Bircher Müsli and around for more than 100 years .
Developed by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher Brenner. ( 1867-1939)

Back to the roots!

I am really happy to see this development, hopefully all commercial Müsli’s with too much sugar will disappear from the shelves in our super markets soon. As a mommy and wife, I like to continue the tradition of preparing food in the most natural way possible.
Just the way my mom did when I grew up. We did not have a lot of variety back in the GDR. ( East Germany) but we certainly were mostly organic .

I attached a few article, which I like to share.—a-forerunner-of-todays-organic-food/

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