An Era Comes to an End

It’s been an amazing journey from August 13th 1998 to August 13th 2022. 

I like to say a simple Thank you to everyone that crossed my path in Japan. 

Every single encounter made me the person I am today.

I’ve temporarily relocated to Sydney, Australia but will return to Tokyo frequently. 

For the time being keep in mind that you are your own master and only you alone can keep up with yourself and your personal practice . 

I am still available for an online Kundalini or Vegan/ Raw Food Lesson. Just reach out

Sat Nam,




  1. I was lucky to have met Hila in the year 2010 here in Tokyo. Soon after meeting her she taught me and a few other students yoga. On my return to Japan I joined her Kundalini classes from 2019 until 2022. Hila is a very highly professional, wise, kind and dedicated teacher. She is bringing a lot of joy and positivity to the class room and makes sure that her students are doing the poses correctly and safely. She is very aware of each of her student’s ability. Hila is greatly missed in the Tokyo community and very much welcomed here when she visits Tokyo. A big thank you to Hila for her hard work and dedication. Lots of Love xxx

  2. I absolutely loved Hila’s yoga classes. Thanks to her I’ve discovered kundalini yoga and I was blown away by the impact it had on my mind and body. Hila is a great teacher and a fine observer, guiding our practice with skill, patience and sensitivity. She encouraged us to challenge ourselves with compassion and she always practiced what she taught us. I admire her for her faith in the power of daily healthy habits, for her creativity in living the best life can offer, for her positive mind and her passion in bringing people together.

    I hope to see her again in Tokyo 🥰

  3. Thanks to Hila’s lessons I am much healthier, stronger, and have finally lost a few pounds and kept them off. Juggling work , cooking, household chores, 2 kids, leaves me often feeling overwhelmed. Before joining Hila’s classes, I had never done yoga before and never thought I would like it but I soon found the classes to be invaluable. It gave me a better attitude towards exercise and I learned posture, breathing, toning and stretching. As soon as possible I signed up for private lessons and continue them online. She gave me a set of exercises that fit into a busy day, and leaves me feeling energized and not worn out. Every time I talk to her she has a new tip or recipe for delicious, healthy food and all these things make a huge difference. Many many thanks Hila,and I’m looking forward to our next session!

  4. I love Hila’s kundalini yoga classes. They’re rejuvenating and fun!
    Kundalini yoga’s repetitive movements are different from Hatha yoga. They’re very powerful and surprisingly calming. l find some of them hard, but with Hila’s encouragement I can make it through all right. I can even enjoy that challenge. Thanks Hila!
    That’s why you should have an instructor when trying Kundalini yoga. Hila is the best one!
    I don’t like physical exercises. Only I do is walking, so I need more exercises for my body. Kundalini yoga is perfect for someone like me.

  5. Hila was an amazing instructor when I took Kundalini yoga classes in Tokyo. Her knowledge of breath work was truly next level and her flexibility admirable. She was able to make accommodations for anyone who had difficult with any of the movements. I was always amazed at how good my spinal column muscles felt after class. Meditation at the end was my favorite and I loved getting to that tingly state I usually only experienced during receiving Reiki treatments back home.

    Her classes are solely missed since I’ve returned to the United States.

    She also has a wonderful cookbook on vegan recipes. She truly lives the lifestyle she speaks about to others. An inspiration.


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