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About Me

Hila Susanne Bewilogua’s path of yoga started in 1996 in Hamburg, Germany through the teachings of Satya Singh, a Kundalini Yoga teacher. In the search for a way to handle stress and relationships with other people she discovered a magical tool. At the same time the book of the rejuvenating exercises of the five Tibetans was gifted to her by a friend. An incredible change in Hila’s life occurred.

Shortly after being introduced to Kundalini Yoga she started a journey through India. Without speaking much English her journey turned into a sequence of surprises. Being unable to communicate much sitting in stillness, observing the environment and meditating became a part of her daily life. Picking up English extremely quickly and overcoming fear by using all she had learned in her Kundalini Yoga classes her Southeast Asia journey began. She was introduced to Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.

Arriving in Japan in late 1998 yoga still hadn’t truly reached the country. Only a few individuals had profound knowledge of the teachings. This was the perfect time and place to dedicate time to self practice (Sadhana). With great discipline and willpower Hila used all the tools she had collected throughout her travels and created something that was just like medicine for body, mind and soul. A magic elixir made from movement, breath and relaxation meditation techniques using sounds or objects.

Her travels continued to North and South America, where she was introduced to natural healing and the mind-body connection. A year of intense experiences and travels in an earthy energy environment made her strong and she was able to rely on her sixth sense in dangerous circumstances.

Finally arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel Hila spent two challenging but extraordinary years there and found that her dedication to yoga only grew stronger. Again yoga wasn’t widely practiced in Israel just yet and that left nothing but the choice of self practice once again.

Throughout the years of traveling back and forth to India and other countries, Hila discovered different styles of yoga. They are all designed to bring mental and physical well being, as well as stimulating and sharpening the senses.

By now all over the world people have become aware of the incredible powers of yoga which are life changing. Once one allows body and mind to connect one will know how to master oneself and become capable to master what our mind believes is impossible.

Returning to Japan, Hila’s life became a roller coaster with stress and anxiety distracting her yoga practice. With the help and support of amazing friends and family who encouraged her not to give up and believe in the magic of the yogic formulas, she became a certified ISHTA Yoga teacher. Followed by a Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training, Hila today is teaching this wisdom. She encourages students to believe what’s inside of them and to awaken the Kundalini life forces by scratching under the surface of themselves. Often facing darkness is the only way to light. Life would seem boring without challenging bumps on the path. If you learn to embrace the uncomfortable and see beauty in simplicity, life will gift you.

To make this happen you need to take actions in your own hands and believe in the universe that lies inside you. No matter what age you are, where you come from, what religion you follow, how flexible or inflexible you are, or what your physical body appearance may be, Kundalini Yoga is designed to serve you and your needs.

Hila’s goal is to make you independent. Over time you are able to use your breath, physical exercises and hand gestures for calming, strengthening and energizing the body and mind.

Don’t label yourself as a Vegan or Raw Foodie, be YOU.

In labeling yourself you limit yourself and that inevitably will bring stress into your life. Stay open minded to new possibilities in the kitchen without having to belong to a certain group of people. What seems perfect today may not suit and serve your future. Learn how to prepare raw vegan dishes and combine them with the food you love.

Early in her childhood, Hila noticed how certain foods impacted her body and well being. As a young girl she consciously decided to stop eating meat. In the late 1980’s still living in the former GDR, Hila experienced a one year practicum as a cook at the famous hotel Chemnitzer Hof & Hotel Moskau, in Karl Marx Stadt where she came to love what is known as Kalte Küche which translates to cold kitchen and as well as enjoying an introduction to Confectionery.

Once the family had immigrated to the west and life was established in Hamburg, Germany, she studied three years to become a confectioner. Followed by a two year course studying the Chemistry of Food, Nutrition and coaching which qualified her as a certified teacher.

Hila started running the patisserie at the new Hamburg Airport terminal but soon realized that she wanted more than just getting up for work. In 1996 she left Europe for the first time and arrived in the USA shortly afterwards daring to jump into unknown waters. Giving up everything she left Germany and was on her way to a culinary, cultural and spiritual journey that lasted over two decades.

Creating dishes, cooking for and with others even though you may not speak the same language is a way to be peaceful together and open up one’s horizons not only discovering new ingredients but also getting to know other cultures better.

As a Yogi and Chef, Hila understands that each of us is different and our bodies are in constant change. Therefore Hila doesn’t judge people that like to eat meat but prefers them to gently discover other options or alternatives they would have never have thought of.

While living in India Hila learnt about Ayurvedic wisdom (A traditional system of medicine in which illnesses are treated with a combination of foods, herbs, massage and special physical exercise / yoga).

During her time in Israel she gained a lot of experience practicing kosher cooking and whilst living in South America her diet consisted of local fruits and vegetables.

Hila has been living on and off in Japan since 1998, during which time she has also discovered the art of macrobiotic cuisine. This experience has helped her through a struggle with sugar addiction and other health issues such as dealing with Hashimoto’s disease without using prescription drugs. In 2006 she went on her first fully raw vegan diet.

Her book Raw Vegan Recipes for Everyone is not an encouragement to be fully raw and vegan. Hila guides the reader back to simple basics and challenges to more advanced levels. With this new knowledge one can combine raw vegan dishes with the food they love.