Why are my products expensive?

Often people say: “It tastes so healthy and looks beautiful too, BUT it’s too expensive! Why does it cost so much to buy your food? The ingredients can’t be that expensive, even in Tokyo.” 

The answer is simple:

You are not only paying for the ingredients the products are made of. Think about the reasons why you always end up buying and eating packaged and processed foods?

Because you don’t have TIME. 

You don’t have TIME to go shopping, sometimes not even time to pick up the phone and call for delivery. You don’t have TIME to soak nuts, beans, wash salads and herbs, and then dry them and put them into boxes to be ready for use.  You don’t want to use your blender, food processor or juicer because it’s so annoying to clean after use. And they are often not dishwasher safe.

Once all that preparation work is done, the actual process of preparing RAW VEGAN DISHES starts . 

You need to work in a very clean environment, perhaps using plastic gloves and onetime use hairnets. 

My raw burgers, bread, lasagna and vegetables often need dehydration. Once everything is ready it needs to be stored or packed in a way so it doesn’t spoil.

Here is what you have to take in consideration:

Cost of ingredients 

Cost of shipping the ingredients 

Or going by car , taxi or train to buy them from the store. 

Cost of gas, water, electricity- sometimes the dehydrator runs for 48 hours .

Cost of packing materials 

Time to order ingredients or go and buy them from the store

Preparation time

Making time

Time for packing

Delivery time

I ensure that my products are made from the finest 100 % raw and vegan ingredients. 

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