About me

In my late teens I experienced a one year practicum as a cook, followed by three years training to become a confectioner.

I then completed a two year course studying Chemistry of food and Nutrition, which qualified me as a certified teacher.

While living in India I learnt about Ayurvedic wisdom (a traditional system of medicine in which illnesses are treated with a combination of foods, herbs, massage and special physical exercise). During my time in Israel I gained a lot of experience practicing kosher cooking and whilst living in Ecuador my diet consisted of local fruits and vegetables.

I have been living on and off in Japan since 1998, during which time I have discovered, and love the art of macrobiotic cuisine. This experience has helped me through a struggle with sugar addiction and other health issues.

In 2007 I went on my first fully raw vegan diet. At the same time I was lucky enough to make one of my favourite activities my profession. I became a yoga teacher.
Today, I am a mom of twin boys and enjoy teaching yoga and sharing my wisdom of food and a healthy life style.



My relationship with Yoga started in 1996 in Hamburg, Germany through the teachings of Satya Singh, a Kundalini teacher. In 1997 I started my journey through India, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. I arrived in Tokyo in August of 1998 and spent a wonderful year studying closely with my Ashtanga teacher. I continued my travels to South America, where I got introduced to natural healing and the mind-body connection.

My next journey took me to Israel where I spent two years and found that my dedication to yoga only grew stronger. Throughout the years of traveling back and forth to India and other countries, I discovered different styles of Yoga. They are all designed to bring mental and physical well being, as well as, stimulating and sharpening the senses.

All over the world people have become aware of the incredible powers of Yoga which are life changing once you allow body and mind to connect. My return to Japan in 2003 brought stress and anxiety to my life distracting me from my Yoga path. However, with the help and support of amazing friends and family, who encouraged me, I found the motivation to return to the world of Yoga.

In 2006 I because a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and have been teaching ever since.